Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nauvoo Field Trip


      On Wednesday April 26 we took a field trip to the town of Nauvoo Illinois. A long time ago it was home to the Mormons. It was an amazement for all of us to see.
      My favorite part of the trip is the game area, Pioneer Pastime. They had lots of games the Pioneers would play, tug of war, hand games, they even had stilts!
      Something new I learned about was how a hard working Pioneer could make a good 200 candles. It is also amazing on how they made bricks!
      However, around 1840 they were forced out of their homes because of their religion. They killed their leader and then they had to leave then.
      If I had to research and learn about a topic it would definitely be smithing or brick masonry. I like the presentation. It was so good it convinced me that I want to learn more.  Image result for nauvoo illinois


  1. i liked how you told yours as a story

  2. I agree that the games were very fun!

  3. Did you try the stilts? I enjoyed how the activities at Pioneer Pastimes engaged both our minds and our bodies. It's easy to see why people aren't in shape now, with the more sedentary activities of today's lifestyle!

  4. I liked the games aswell! I also think that the brick making and masonry was interesting and I wonder how they built all those houses. I liked the picture you added on your post!

  5. I really enjoyed watching how candles were made then. It was amazing how much work was put into it, too! I also liked the picture you included on your post.