Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hannibal Field Trip

          On May 8th my GOAL class and I went to Hannibal Missouri to see the Mark Twain boyhood home and the things around it.
          We first visit the place where Samuel Clements (Mark Twain) lived and those that lived around him. Next, we went to the museum of Mark Twain to see models and even more history. Later, most of us climbed over 200 steps to reach a lighthouse. Some people including me ran up the stairs and were really tired then! We got to eat lunch after. And after that, we rode a riverboat around Hannibal. It was really relaxing. Soon after, we saw the Mark Twain Caves! It was amazing to see a cave because I haven't been in a cave before! Finally, we went to a candy store and an ice cream parlor and went home.
         Our class work before we went gave me some background knowledge about Mark Twain so I didn't embarrass because I didn't know anything! Also so I could understand what the tour guide are talking about.
         One of the things I learned from the captain of the Mark Twain riverboat is that Sam Clements got his pen name from a saying that people would say on the steam boat. Another thing is that there was a woman who lived in the lighthouse and she her husband was a steamboat captain. She would light up a torch so that he would know where to go.
         One of the things I learned from the boyhood home is not everything from Tom Sawyer is based off of Sam's life. For example, Tom and Huck find treasure in the book. Mark went treasure hunting, but never found anything. Another thing is that he went bankrupt muiltable times!
        One thing I learned from our tourguide is that the caves were created due to pressure and water. Another thing is that if you are in the pitch black and can't find any light you could go blind after weeks.
       My favorite part of the trip is the caves probably. It is amazing how nature could make something like that!
      The most fun part of the trip was the lighthouse because it was excersise. Also, the view was amazing!
      The trip could improve next time if we leave earlier. If we leave earlier then we get home more early. We got home around seven o'clock.
     I loved the Hannibal field trip so much and I learned a lot about there.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mark Twain Webquest

We did a Mark Twain web quest for my GOAL class. We included lots of information about Mark Twain. Here is my presentation down below.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

History Day

              For the whole third quarter, all of my class did History Day. My topic was Lego's Legal Challenges. I did an exhibit on a trifold. I had multiple colors to represent the diversity of lego colors.
              I do not agree what the judges said about my topic because they said the colors were "distracting."
             The most interesting thing I learned about my topic was that LEGO's patent expired in the 1980s. Then, the court thinks that LEGO has to have a patent before a trademark. LEGO wants their eight peg brick design to be a trademark but the court won't allow it so LEGOs cases will not be upheld.
             The hardest part of my project was the research. It was so hard to find research because it's such a hidden topic.
             I improved as a student because I finally learned that you have to try hard to get good results sometimes.  If you don't try, then you probably won't withstand.
            I could incredibly improve my project by double stacking trifolds! The limit for height was six feet. I could of made my trifold twice as big.
           I'm proud that I got my project done. All of us worked really hard on our projects and I bet we are all proud of them.
           Some suggestions I have is to think of a topic quickly! YOU MUST THINK OF A TOPIC OVER CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! You should do this so you don't start off behind. Also, if you get behind don't panic. The second you panic is when you lose control. Stay cool and collected and you will make it through History Day.

Monday, January 8, 2018

My Word

Image result for serene          My one word is Serene. Serene means to be calm and collected. I choose this word because this is what I want to become. On the weekends I start to think about school. Then, I start to dread it. And then, I start to get worked up about nothing so I talk about it. When I go to school I don't have any problems. This is what I am going to stop. I will be Serene.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Experience Reflection

        On November 16 we went to Iowa State University for a field trip. I had lots of fun and learned a lot there. This is my experience.

        My first class was Food Science. It was very interesting. What we did was we made cheese curds by boiling milk and adding magnesium sulfate. We mixed, boiled, and drained!

       My second class was improvisational theater. We did leadership games. They we're weird, but fun!

       I think the most educational part of the day was at the virtual reality applications center. I thought I knew about virtual reality but I obviously didn't! I especially liked the aircraft carrier.

       The most fun part of the day was lunch. I love the food. I just wish we wouldn't of disturb the college students. I had a sandwich made for me!

       If I could give one piece of advice I would say have even more classes! Like athletic games or something like that.

        We went to Iowa State because there was a great chance for learning available. I learned a ton. About cheese curds, about leadership, about virtual reality, and especially Iowa State.    

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independent Project Reflection

 My Independent Project was World War One. I chose this project because I knew nothing about it and I was intrigued by it. An interesting fact I found was that Veterans Day was created because of WW1! Another fact was a major factor in WW1, trench warfare. However, I still want to know who was right. I created an Adobe Spark web page. I am proud of this project because the research was hard to understand.

My project is below. Some links might not work.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Unwind (no spoilers)

 If you keep up with my Goodreads, you might know I've been reading the book "Unwind". Unwind is a book that takes place in the future. A future people would say is bad.

 America has fought a second civil war, The Heartland War. This war is fought over abortion. After this bloody war is fought a bill known as the Bill of Life is passed.

 Basically the Bill of Life says that you cannot abort a child anymore. However, if your child is at the age between 13 and 18, they can be "unwound". This means every single organ and body part is taken from them and can be sent to people who need them. The child is not "technically" dead, just living in other people.

 The child will be pronounced dead if every part of them is dead.

 Now this is where the book starts, with a boy named Conner. Conner is 16 and is not the best kid. He figures out he is being unwound. Conner decides to "kick AWOL", to run away from home. He meets other unwinds that also kicked AWOL, and they team up together to survive.

I suggest this book to everyone. This book may be weird and gross, but it will hook you!