Monday, January 8, 2018

My Word

Image result for serene          My one word is Serene. Serene means to be calm and collected. I choose this word because this is what I want to become. On the weekends I start to think about school. Then, I start to dread it. And then, I start to get worked up about nothing so I talk about it. When I go to school I don't have any problems. This is what I am going to stop. I will be Serene.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Iowa State OPPTAG Experience Reflection

        On November 16 we went to Iowa State University for a field trip. I had lots of fun and learned a lot there. This is my experience.

        My first class was Food Science. It was very interesting. What we did was we made cheese curds by boiling milk and adding magnesium sulfate. We mixed, boiled, and drained!

       My second class was improvisational theater. We did leadership games. They we're weird, but fun!

       I think the most educational part of the day was at the virtual reality applications center. I thought I knew about virtual reality but I obviously didn't! I especially liked the aircraft carrier.

       The most fun part of the day was lunch. I love the food. I just wish we wouldn't of disturb the college students. I had a sandwich made for me!

       If I could give one piece of advice I would say have even more classes! Like athletic games or something like that.

        We went to Iowa State because there was a great chance for learning available. I learned a ton. About cheese curds, about leadership, about virtual reality, and especially Iowa State.    

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Independent Project Reflection

 My Independent Project was World War One. I chose this project because I knew nothing about it and I was intrigued by it. An interesting fact I found was that Veterans Day was created because of WW1! Another fact was a major factor in WW1, trench warfare. However, I still want to know who was right. I created an Adobe Spark web page. I am proud of this project because the research was hard to understand.

My project is below. Some links might not work.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Unwind (no spoilers)

 If you keep up with my Goodreads, you might know I've been reading the book "Unwind". Unwind is a book that takes place in the future. A future people would say is bad.

 America has fought a second civil war, The Heartland War. This war is fought over abortion. After this bloody war is fought a bill known as the Bill of Life is passed.

 Basically the Bill of Life says that you cannot abort a child anymore. However, if your child is at the age between 13 and 18, they can be "unwound". This means every single organ and body part is taken from them and can be sent to people who need them. The child is not "technically" dead, just living in other people.

 The child will be pronounced dead if every part of them is dead.

 Now this is where the book starts, with a boy named Conner. Conner is 16 and is not the best kid. He figures out he is being unwound. Conner decides to "kick AWOL", to run away from home. He meets other unwinds that also kicked AWOL, and they team up together to survive.

I suggest this book to everyone. This book may be weird and gross, but it will hook you!


Friday, October 27, 2017

DWA First Quarter

        DWA 9/6

 I disagreed that Imagination was more powerful than knowledge. Imagination is limited to it's use. Sure we need imagination, but knowledge is power! "Imagine" we are trying to figure out a math problem. I can Imagine 2 + 2  = 22. But my knowledge tells me that it's 4!

        DWA 9/28 (Free write)

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit named Elfio. Elfio is a bunny that is 60 years old. He is not related to Santa. In fact, Elfio gives out presents to good little hares. They call him Ol' Saint Elfio. Midnight he hops in your room and leaves you a present.
Image result for christmas bunny

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Words of Wisdom

          I learned so many quotes in just this project. I appreciate this a lot because I can take this and use it in my life. Don't worry everyone, I won't eat yellow snow!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Nauvoo Field Trip


      On Wednesday April 26 we took a field trip to the town of Nauvoo Illinois. A long time ago it was home to the Mormons. It was an amazement for all of us to see.
      My favorite part of the trip is the game area, Pioneer Pastime. They had lots of games the Pioneers would play, tug of war, hand games, they even had stilts!
      Something new I learned about was how a hard working Pioneer could make a good 200 candles. It is also amazing on how they made bricks!
      However, around 1840 they were forced out of their homes because of their religion. They killed their leader and then they had to leave then.
      If I had to research and learn about a topic it would definitely be smithing or brick masonry. I like the presentation. It was so good it convinced me that I want to learn more.  Image result for nauvoo illinois